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We are a firm of solicitors who specialise in the representation of clients detained at police stations; attending court, either at magistrate or crown court; and those unfortunate enough to find themselves in prison.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, integrity and compassion. We seek to provide a very high level of advice to our clients from arrest through to court proceedings and, where necessary, in prison.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we are one of very few practices who now act as advocates for our clients in crown court proceedings.

Criminal Investigation Solicitors

We aim to provide legal advice and assistance at the police station of the highest quality. This is irrespective of the client’s income or source of funding. Our offices cover the whole of London and much of Essex and Hertfordshire. Our dedicated police station advice teams are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and are always available to ensure that those arrested at any time, night or day, are able to call upon our experience and professionalism to provide excellent advice wherever and whenever required. We have a vast experience of advising suspects and detainees in respect of all manner of offences covering the whole spectrum of criminal offences from murder and rape to theft and road traffic offences.

All persons accused of criminal offences have the right to seek advice from an independent solicitor. We are able to provide advice to all suspects held in police custody free of charge and are able to respond to a request for advice be it on the telephone or in person within very strict time limits, ensuring that advice is given at a time when it is most needed.

Our emergency telephone lines are manned 24 hours a day and we ensure that, should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being detained by the police, that you will be advised by an experienced lawyer.

Each one of our dedicated teams is headed by a senior lawyer who is available 24 hours a day aiming to ensure that legal advice is available at a time when suspects are at their most vulnerable in police custody.

The arrest of an individual is just the beginning of the criminal investigation process. Sometimes an individual may be charged immediately, summonsed to court or bailed to return to the police station. We will be on hand to help in all these circumstances should that be at Court or during the process awaiting for the police to make a decision as to the case’s final outcome.

Prison Law Solicitors

We have an established team of specialists in prison law that has experience of undertaking the full range of work in this area.

We provide expert representation and assistance with the following Prison Law matters:

* Enforcement of prisoners' rights, particularly concerning the application of prison rules and conditions of imprisonment
* Recall
* IPP and extended sentences
* Lifer hearings and Paper Reviews
* Parole Reviews
* Categorisation
* Adjudications
* Calculation of sentence
* Mandatory drug testing
* Transfers and allocations
* Judicial review of decisions relating to the above.

Legal Aid will usually cover the costs of a case for prisoners.

Crown Court Advocacy Solicitors

Bailey Nicholson Grayson have for some time considered it important that we employ appropriately qualified and skilled advocates and counsel to represent our clients in the Crown Court. We believe that this provides the clients with seamless representation from the point of initial arrest by the police to the conclusion of the trial. Our Crown Court advocates are highly experienced and able to deal with all categories of offence from simple theft through to complex fraud and murder.

However, we also accept that a client who finds themselves before a Court will need to feel confident and comfortable with the advocate who is conducting their case at the Crown Court. For this reason we also maintain contacts with a number of highly experienced and competent counsel at the Inns of Court should the client wish to instruct a barrister of their choice.

Motoring Offences Solicitors

These are the type of offences people are most likely to find themselves facing. Generally speaking convictions for these carry either a financial penalty, a number of penalty points on one’s licence or disqualification from driving.

A conviction for motoring offences can affect us in a number of ways but most usually through increased insurance premiums. In some circumstances you may even face the loss of your employment.

Whilst many people rarely see the value in employing a lawyer to represent them on a speeding ticket or a careless driving charge because they view the outcome as inevitable. There are, however, a number of reasons why we should all consider employing a lawyer to deal with these matters .There may often be a defence to the charge or indeed an argument which may be raised to reduce the level of fines, penalty points or indeed disqualification from driving.

Unfortunately legal aid is rarely granted for motoring offences and we will need to be paid privately for representing you on these matters.

The appropriate fee and level of fee earner dealing with your case will depend on the specific circumstances of the offence under which you are charged.

We are able to offer a 15 minute telephone advice at a fixed fee of £50 plus VAT ( by credit card payment taken over the telephone) to consider with you whether it is in your interests to instruct us to represent you at Court or indeed whether you would be eligible for legal aid for the offence with which you are charged.

Magistrates Court and Crown Court Agency Work Solicitors

We are a firm covering a large number of magistrates courts and crown courts throughout the London, Essex and Hertfordshire Area. We are willing and able to take on instruction as agent acting on behalf of principal solicitors at short notice.

Legal Aid Solicitors

At the police station
In criminal investigations, court proceedings and prison law we are able to provide free advice to clients detained for criminal investigations at police stations or anywhere where the client is to be interviewed under PACE in the presence of a police officer.

Advocacy and assistance
We are also able to offer advice and representation in other proceedings such as

* prison disciplinary matters
* parole board hearings
* antisocial behaviour order applications
* various other applications which do not fall under normal criminal legal aid

Whilst this advice and representation may be free, this is means tested and you will need to discuss with us whether you would qualify for that representation.
Legal Aid in the Magistrates Courts

This is available to clients who meet two criteria.

1. The first is determined by the Court, who must consider whether your case is sufficiently serious for you to require the representation and advice of a lawyer.
2. The Court will consider your means taking into account your income, your partner’s income, and any dependents you may have.

We understand and accept that this is a complicated area and it is for that reason that we are able to offer a free one hour interview to help you make the application for legal aid. We will then keep you informed as to whether legal aid has been granted. If it isn’t, then it may be that we will be able to represent you on a private basis and that will be discussed with you in detail once the decision as to your eligibility for legal aid is made.
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