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Shean Solicitors Limited is a law practice regulated by the Law Society in England and Wales and specializes in business restructuring and corporate and individual insolvency.

It was established in 2005 by Richard Shean, a solicitor and licensed insolvency practitioner with over thirty years experience in this practice area both in the City of London and overseas, to assist clients either who themselves are in financial difficulty or who are in some way involved with an individual or corporate in financial difficulty. The practice will give clients practical and “hands on” advice to overcome those financial difficulties outside a formal insolvency if possible but, where formal insolvency is the only option, will guide and assist the client through the most appropriate insolvency regime.

Clients who may benefit from the services offered by the practice include ;

* Individual and corporate debtors in financial difficulty
* Insolvency practitioners and other officeholders appointed over debtors who are the subject of an insolvency regime
* Creditors and creditor groups
* Directors of financially distressed debtors
* Accountants and other professionals requiring a legal audit / legal risk assessment of a financially distressed debtor prior to formal insolvency or wishing to outsource the legal management of an insolvency case or project
* Parties buying, selling or investing in distressed companies and/or assets and/or debt

The practice has a presence in both Manchester and London but will locate for periods of time to any establishment in the United Kingdom or abroad as the client may require.

Shean Solicitors Limited is able to offer clients legal advice, in a practical and commercial manner, on all aspects of business recovery and insolvency including not only out of court financial and business restructuring for companies and individuals but also formal insolvencies such as company administrations, voluntary arrangements, receiverships and liquidations and individual voluntary arrangements and bankruptcies.

Shean Solicitors Limited is also able to offer clients the opportunity to outsource their in house legal requirements for a particular project or assignment in the area of business recovery and insolvency. Richard Shean and other appropriate staff will work as part of the client’s executive team on site or at such other location as the client may require anywhere in the UK or abroad and for such periods as may be necessary, advising on and overseeing all legal aspects, until the project or assignment is concluded.

Clients instructing Shean Solicitors Limited can expect :

Experience : Richard Shean has been a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner since 1987 and has over thirty years experience in the business restructuring and insolvency practice area in London and other parts of the UK, the Middle East and the Far East. His particular interest is in cross border insolvencies where financially distressed corporates or individuals have businesses or assets in different countries but he has also advised on all types of UK domestic business recoveries and corporate and individual insolvencies.

Quality : Richard Shean worked for over sixteen years as a partner in one of the largest international law firms in the City of London and as such will bring to any assignment or project the legal quality and case management expected of a City law firm.

Teamwork : Richard Shean adopts a “hands on” approach to all assignments or projects taken on by Shean Solicitors Limited and will work as a member of the client’s team in advising on all legal aspects of the assignment or project ensuring the legal advice is relevant to and appropriate for the client’s decision making process.

Fee Flexibility : Whilst Shean Solicitors Limited can charge fees on the normal basis of hourly rates but at very competitive prices, its preferred method of charging is to discuss with the client at the outset of an assignment a fee structure for that assignment based upon daily/weekly/monthly rates or, in suitable cases, a fee for the complete assignment. In this way, the client knows exactly what fees are being incurred at all times.
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